Best RV Tow Bars Reviews

Best RV Tow Bars Reviews 2022 – All You Need To Know About Tow Bars

Nothing beats the heat of work like a planned vacation to your favorite wilderness. Outdorosavants would take an RV on their vacation. You can’t take your RV everywhere, now can you? Towing a car behind you will save you the pain of taking your RV to nearby locations. An RV tow bar is our go-to solution to towing a car. These bars can be used with any RV, and most come vehicle specific. Just attach a tow bar to a base plate under the car, and you’re good to go. Tow bars have tons of legal requirements, such as safety cables and tail light wiring. So how exactly do you use a tow bar? What tools and equipment do you need? And what are the best RV tow bars that you should buy? We’re here to answer all these questions and more.

Read on to find out our top picks for the best tow bars on the market.

What Is The Purpose Of Using An RV Tow Bar?

RVs are used to travel to remote areas, and they usually have all the necessary facilities. However, if you feel like exploring the locality, you can’t just take your RV everywhere. And that’s where an RV tow bar comes into play.

An RV tow bar attaches to your RV at one end and the car you want to tow at the other end. With an appropriate RV tow bar, you can tow a car with you on your vacation. RV tow bars are the best way to take your vehicle on the go. If you can manage, a small camper or trailer can also be towed using a tow bar.

For larger trailers, a semi-truck with a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch is best. You’ll find that a camper can be towed with an RV tow bar. But you won’t need it, as the RV already has living quarters. However, it’s handy if you’re taking more people than your RV can accommodate.

You will definitely need more than a tow bar. For example, you’ll need safety cables, a power cord, and repairing equipment.

What are the pros and cons of towing a ‘toad’?

The biggest question people ask is whether to two a toad or to not tow it. While it is subjective whether towing works or not, we have listed down the pros and cons of towing a toad!


–          Size

When you’re driving a larger vehicle such as an RV, you will find it rather difficult to maneuver this vehicle around gas stations or supermarkets. This is because of the larger size of the RV that makes it difficult for it to move around. If you choose to have a toad instead, you will find that it is much easier to maneuver it around town.

–          Convenience

It is undoubtedly much more convenient to have a toad with you rather than a motorhome. Imagine yourself relaxing beside a nice campfire and you suddenly realize that you forgot drinks. Now you’ll have to get to the store to get some drinks. This will be a harder task if you have an RV, but with a toad, things are simple and easy.

–          Road Access

There are certain roads in every region where larger vehicles are not allowed. This means that having a large RV or a large vehicle can be a problem when you want to visit some places. You would rather have a smaller vehicle that is allowed on all roads without much toll prices.

–          Mileage

There are better chances for you to save up on fuel if you use a car or a lighter vehicle than a motorhome. The motorhome uses up much more fuel due to its size and weight. You should consider mileage and your expenditure before making a decision.

–          Space

A toad will provide you with extra space in the case that you need it. In case your RV is full and you do not have enough space left, your toad can serve as an extra storage space where you can get things inside.


–          Time consumption

Hooking up your tow vehicle to the RV can take up more time and it may be a cumbersome process to load and unload all the time.

–          Reverse

It will prove to be much more difficult for you to reverse the vehicle if all the wheels are on the ground. You would have to unlatch the vehicles in order to reverse the vehicle.

–          Limits on length

Using a toad may make your vehicle length longer. This can be a problem on roads where there is a particular length that must be met.

What are the two main ways to tow?

There are mainly two ways of towing vehicles. The Flat Towing or ‘4 down’ and the Dolly Towing or the ‘2 down’!

–          Flat towing

It is imperative to figure out whether your vehicles are compatible for Flat Towing or not. Many manufacturers do not support flat towing. If you still want to use Flat Towing, then you will have to make modifications to the way your vehicles are.

Flat towing with a tow bar is the easiest system to use when you’re trying to tow the vehicles together. Disconnecting and connecting the vehicles is very easy and simple to do. It does not take a lot of time and the mechanism is easy to work around with. You also don’t have to worry about storing any heavy dolly on the campsite.

–          Dolly towing

Dolly is another good option for towing vehicles together. This system works by carrying the car using the four tires only. You work this system by driving up the car to the vehicle that is to be towed and strap the wheels down for support.

A dolly is definitely an extra burden on you as you have to get another set of tires and some other equipment to maintain. You also have to store it in someplace.

Comparison Chart

Products Best Construction Material Tongue CapacityBracketSafety ItemWeight 
Tow Bar  87450 by SmittybiltAdjustable tow barForged steel finishes with powder5000 pounds4- 2 universal & 2 lateral strutChain32.7 poundsView on Amazon
BX-7420 Tow Bar by Blue OxLarger tongue capacitySteel finishes with metallic paint10000 poundsNoneNo45 poundsView on Amazon
Falcon-520 by RoadmasterSupportiveStainless steel finishes with powder6000 poundsMounting bracket (separately sold)No50 poundsView on Amazon
RB-9025 Tow Bar by NSA RV ProductsLightweightAluminum8000 poundsMounting clevis (separately sold)No1.25 poundsView on Amazon
Alpha BX7365 by Blue OxProtection from road-grimeSolid steel6500 poundsMounting bracketCable35 poundsView on Amazon
All Terrain  576 by RoadmasterFor all-terrainSolid stainless steel & metal8000 poundsMounting bracketCable with power cord50 poundsView on Amazon
Dominator-9511008 by DemcoValue for moneyAluminum & steel7500 poundsMounting bracketCoiled cable30 poundsView on Amazon

Product Reviews

1.      Smittybilt Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit

Best RV Tow BarsClick Here to Check Latest Price on Amazon

The Smittybilt Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit is a durable device that can be used for the heaviest and most intense towing. The durability of the tow bars is what makes this product one of the best in terms of heavy-duty towing. This reliable tow bar is also versatile as it can fit onto a variety of bumpers and tow even the heaviest vehicles.

Here are some of the top features of this product.


The major feature on the Smittybilt Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit is the durability that it offers. It is made from reinforced stainless steel that is highly durable. This premium and industrial-grade steel is what keeps the tow bars intact even under high pressure. You can use these for almost any kind of vehicle and they won’t break apart.


The Smittybilt Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit also features a 2-inch coupler that fits securely on to the tongue of the vehicle. This coupler is long enough for most vehicles to be held firmly with another vehicle. The coupler is strong and it does not flinch even when pulled by a heavyweight.


  • Several safety features are available.
  • Features a coupler that is long enough for most heavy vehicles.
  • Universal brackets are included for versatile functionality
  • Special D-Ring brackets installed for Smittybilt bumpers.
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Does not break under high pressure.


  • It won’t fit a lot of the larger vehicles.


The Smittybilt Adjustable Ball Tow Bar Kit is a durable tow bar that does the job efficiently without the need to spend a lot of extra bits and pieces. You can rest assured that these tow bars won’t break no matter what you attach them with. You should test this product out for yourself and understand the sheer durability that it offers.

2.      Blue Ox Tow Bar

Best RV Tow Bars

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If you’re looking for tow bars that are versatile and offer several features in a reasonable price range, then you should look no further. The Blue Ox Tow Bar is the best in terms of features and versatility. You will not find any vehicle that this product won’t cater to.

We have picked out only a few of the several features it provides and elucidated them below.


The construction on the Blue Ox Tow Bar is what is very appealing. The Blue Ox Tow Bar features a stainless steel construction that is made to be extra resilient to high pressure. You can rest assured that your tow bar will not break even when pulled by a large force such as that of a large tow truck.


The manufacturers took extra measures to make sure that the product does not wear out even in harsh weather conditions. The product is coated in premium metallic paint that does not allow the steel to rust. Furthermore, the paint also makes the tow bar prone to any heat. This means that you don’t have to worry at all about the tow bar suddenly breaking!

Rough roads

The Blue Ox Tow Bar is specially designed to work smoothly even in rough conditions such as roads that are not too smooth and straight. These tow bars allow the vehicles to be towed safely as they help maintain a safe distance even in difficult conditions.


  • Premium metallic paint makes the product weatherproof.
  • Stainless steel construction makes it durable.
  • Over 10000lbs of capacity.
  • Can withstand even rough roads.
  • Keeps vehicles at a safe distance even while turning.


  • It is not so easy to disconnect.


The Blue Ox Tow Bars are definitely one of the best tow bars out there. It is packed with several features that ensure a smooth ride that is safe. The durability and versatility of the product make it truly one of the best. If you’re unsure about this product still, you should check out the features for yourself.

3.      Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar

Best RV Tow Bars

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The Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar is a premium product that boasts several features that make it one of the best heavyweight tow bars. The features on this product are the best if you’re looking for a tow bar that can fit all sizes and all kinds of vehicles.

We have picked out some salient features of the product and listed them below for you.


The Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar is made to be fully weatherproof. It is coated with a high-tech powder that allows it to not rust or expand when it gets hot during the summer. The premium metallic paint makes it prone to any kind of weather conditions such as rain, snow or high humidity. You can rest assured that it will be able to withstand all kinds of climates and weather.

Large Look-up radius

This product boasts the largest look-up radius that is offered by any product in the industry. This means that you don’t have to fret around your vehicles trying to figure out how to attach the tow bars to the vehicles. The large look-up radius makes it easy and effective to get it right in the first or second try.

Eliminates friction

The Roadmaster Falcon 2 features some self-lubricating nylon bushings that do not allow friction to wear out the parts of the vehicle and tow bar. This smooth operation will make your experience with the tow bars much more reliable and smoother.


  • Reduces friction by self-lubrication nylon bushings.
  • Highly durable design for all conditions
  • Largest hook-up radius
  • Made weatherproof through powder-coated finishing
  • Compatible with all heavy and light vehicles.


  • It does not disconnect easily.


If you’re looking for the best heavyweight tow bar then the Roadmaster tow bar is definitely something you will appreciate. This is a tow bar that will offer you much power and versatility when you use it. If you don’t believe us, why not try it out yourself?

4.      NSA RV Products Aluminum Tow Bar

Best RV Tow Bars

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The NSA RV Products’ Aluminum Tow Bar is one of the most affordable tow bars available on the market. The NSA RV Products’ Aluminum Tow Bar is made from affordable materials that also make it easy to use. This product is definitely worth the price even though it does not cost as much.

We have highlighted some of the best features of the Aluminum Tow Bar below.

Strong Construction

Perhaps you might be off-put to know that the Aluminum Tow Bar is made from aluminum. However, we should clarify that even though it is made from Aluminum, this is not the standard aluminum that you would find elsewhere. This is reinforced steel that is strong and durable as well.

Lifetime warranty

With the NSA RV Products’ Aluminum Tow Bar, you are also given a lifetime limited warranty. You can rest assured that all of your parts of the tow bar are safe and you can claim your warranty in the case that it wears out.

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is one of the easiest that you‘ll find on any kind of tow bar. The locking mechanism is a simple one that only uses a latch and rings to lock. You might be surprised to know that the locking mechanism is easy and firm. You will not find it difficult to latch and unlatch the tow bars.


  • It features a reasonable price range.
  • The hollow aluminum tubes are strong and sturdy
  • Uses a latch and ring for added security
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Lasts longer than most other tow bars


  • It does not come with weatherproof features


The NSA RV Products’ Aluminum Tow Bar best lightweight tow bar available on the market right now! It is affordable and it carries enough features for you to be able to go about your journey safely. You can test out these features for yourself as well if you want an affordable experience.

5.      Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500 lb Tow Bar:

Best RV Tow Bars

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Tow bars from Blue Ox are known for their exquisite support and high weight capacity. This tow bar has a max weight limit of 6,500 lbs (3.25 tons). It is a great choice for towing trailers as it’s a self-aligning device. It mounts very smoothly and can be stored in the back of your RV.

High Weight Capacity:

With the Blue Ox tow bar, you can tow a max weight of 6,500 lbs (3.25 tons). For reference, the average trailer weighs 5,200 lbs (2.35 tons). However, the weight can increase to 1,500 lbs (0.68 tons) when you add gas and gear.

10,000 lb Safety Cables:

A safety cable attaches to the car and keeps it from rolling off in case the tow bar comes off. This Blue Ox Alpha tow bar features 10,000 lb safety cables. These are made of premium quality material and they keep the cars securely in place. Remember that a safety cable should not be used as a tow bar substitute.

Steel Construction:

Made with industrial-grade steel, the Blue Ox tow bar always has your back. You can count on the Blue Ox without worrying about corrosion or reliability. This tow bar uses off-set lugs that align all the towing forces and optimize towing strength.


  • Perfect for average-sized campers and cars.
  • Smooth mounting and latching.
  • Rubber boots that keep dirt and grime away.
  • Reliable steel construction.


  • Not foldable. Portability is low.
  • Cannot be used on every vehicle.


The Blue Ox Alpha is the best accessible RV tow bar for smaller cars. It is high on durability but low on portability. It’s also not a universal tow bar. You’ll need to check if it works for your model of vehicle. Interested? Buy the Blue Ox here.

6.      Roadmaster 576 All Terrain Tow Bar:

Best RV Tow Bars

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If you want something stronger, then try the Roadmaster 576 All Terrain tow bar. This unique model can handle up to 8,000 lbs (4 tons). This tow bar is perfect for towing large trailers and cars. Like the other Roadmaster tow bars, it also includes safety cables along with a power cord. Special attention is given to providing a smoother and faster ride.

For Heavier Trailers:

As mentioned before, this tow bar can handle up to 8,000 lbs of weight. This is the perfect weight range for some larger trailers. The heavy-duty steel construction allows the Roadmaster to handle so much weight.

All-Terrain Tow Bar:

The Roadmaster is an all-terrain tow bar. Meaning it can be used when you’re driving on all types of terrains. Its resilient body protects it against the elements. It also has a multi-layer coating to reinforce its arms and make it more durable.

Smoother Ride:

The most outstanding feature of the Roadmaster is how smooth the ride is with this tow bar. It features polyurethane bushings that act as a suspension system. They absorb shock and save you the pain of a bumpy ride. Moreover, Roadmaster uses high-tech equipment to reduce friction. Less friction means less swiveling and a sturdier experience.


  • Works with many heavier campers and vehicles.
  • Cable guides keep cables and power cord in place.
  • Shock-absorbing and user-friendly.
  • Works on all surfaces. Perfect for mountaineering.


  • Cannot be folded.
  • Storage is difficult.


Roadmaster’s All Terrain 576 is the best heavyweight RV tow bar. This tow bar has more focus on reducing shock and shakes. It works on all terrains, so you can use it off-road and in the rain as well. If you’re interested, check here to buy the Roadmaster 576.

7.      Demco 9511008 Dominator Tow Bar:

Best RV Tow Bars

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The Demco lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum! It can tow heavy vehicles and is both resilient and lightweight. This tow bar can handle the weight of about 7,500 lbs (3.75 tons). It features an easy setup and release. And it also comes with the safety cables included.

For Heavier Trailers:

If your vehicle weighs less than 7,500 lbs (3.75 tons), then this would be your go-to tow bar. To put things into perspective, an empty camper can weigh as much as 5,000 lbs. You can fill it with furniture, gas, and gear and you’re easily looking at 6,000 to 7,000 lbs of weight.

Quick and Easy Setup:

Setting up a tow bar isn’t that hard, to begin with. But if that setup is made even easier, then hallelujah! This model features independent arms that make hooking up easier. It also has a latch and release system that is as smooth as can be. Unhooking from the tow bar is very simple and trivial.

Safety Cables:

The safety cables come included with the Demco tow bar. These cables are strong and reliable. They keep your trailer from rolling off, maintaining security and insurance. You won’t need to worry about safety ever again.


  • Works with heavy campers and trailers.
  • Safety cables come included.
  • More secure and reliable.
  • Easy to hook up and release.


  • Adapters may be required for added safety.


The Demco Tow Bar is for people with heavier vehicles to tow. It’s made for those who want more security with every step. The Demco makes a great companion. If you’re looking for the best lightweight tow bar, this is it. If you feel like the Demco is your type of tow bar, feel free to click here to buy the product.

Important Considerations before Purchasing the Best RV Tow Bars:


RV tow bar installation doesn’t require much effort. You’ll need the tow bar, safety cables, wiring, base plate, and a braking system. The base plate is the main connection between your RV and your vehicle. These are usually specific to your vehicle. Safety cables keep the RV in place in case the tow bar gives way.

The wiring is needed so that you’re the tail lights of your tow vehicle blink in unison with your RV’s. Most of these items are legally required in many states.

Wire and Safety Cables:

Wiring and safety cables are necessary for keeping the drivers on the road safe. If your tow bar becomes decoupled, the tow vehicle will roll off onto the road and cause immense damage. Safety cables ensure that your vehicle stays attached to the RV when your tor bar fails.

The wiring is needed to make your car’s tail lights blink with those of your RV. So drivers behind you can know when you brake or turn. These wires and the safety cables are required by law in many states.

Towing Brackets:

The bumpers of most cars don’t have brackets for towing. So towing them becomes harder. You can’t tow a car from its front bumper. Towing brackets need to be attached to the front of the car.

This is where your tow bar attaches. Your RV probably already has a bracket, so you won’t need an extra one. Brackets can come in many shapes and sizes. You’ll need two brackets for your vehicle. A strong resistant stainless steel construction is a good choice.

Control and Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity of an RV tow dolly is the first thing you need to consider. Find out the approximate weight of your tow vehicle and buy a tow bar that can handle that. Normally, tow bars can handle anywhere between 6,000 and 8,000 lbs. That’s a range of 3 to 4 tons. Even the largest of Toyota cars weigh less than 3 tons.

You might also want to check the model number of your car and RV. Even if your vehicle fits the weight capacity, it still might not be compatible.

All-Terrain Upgrade:

Some tow bars are designed to resist the elements. These are known as all-terrain tow bars. They use a highly resistant aluminum alloy that doesn’t rust or get dirty. So you can take your RV in the mountains or in sandy areas.

The most outstanding feature of these tow bars is that they have shock absorbers. The ground isn’t exactly level when you’re off-road. So a tow bar that blocks jerks is the best choice for off-road driving.

RV Receiver Compatibility:

An RV receiver bar is a large bar that is attached to the rear underside of the RV. This bar has a narrow tube protruding out from it. You can attach a specialized tow bar to this tube to add more towing options. With an RV receiver bar, you can flat tow or dinghy tow your car?

You’ll need to buy special tow bars that work with RV receivers. You’ll also need more equipment to properly tow the vehicle.

Accessories and Extras:

There aren’t many accessories that you need with a tow bar. Safety cables, wiring, and the like are mostly required and shouldn’t be seen as extras. Towing brackets can be considered an accessory. Although more often than not you’ll need them!

An RV receiver, however, is completely optional. You’ll need one to flat tow in case your vehicle doesn’t allow that.

Manufacture and Price:

The price varies from brand to brand. Some bars can be bought in under $500. While others can cost as high as $1,000! Used RV tow bars cost as high as $700. This also depends on what other equipment you’re getting with your tow bar. Normally, those that come with safety cable and wiring included cost up to $1,000.

A whole kit that includes cables, baseplate, and storage bag can come for $1,000 or above. Tow bar locks and a brake system will cost you extra. An RV receiver will cost you about $60.

What are the top 5 RV tow bars brands?


This brand is the market leader when it comes to tow bars. It uses industry-grade aluminum in the construction of its products. Therefore, these products are light in weight but are very durable. Their accessories and kits are more popular in the market, but that doesn’t mean that their two bars as subpar.

Blue Ox

One of the top performers in the industry is Blue Ox. These tow bars are highly durable and feature a lot of strength. They can easily handle tons of weight and are the best option for an RV user.


The highway accessories from Roadmaster are second to none when it comes to durability and performance. Their hardware especially tow bars are very sturdy as they use finite Element Analysis to test all their products for safety.

NSA Products

You might have not heard of this brand but their tow bars and accessories are widely functional. The reason is that these tow bars can bear a lot of weight and you can easily lock your car onto your RV.


This is another popular brand that produces extremely lightweight products that are very easy to use and remove. These tow bars are best for lightweight vehicles and are not for large RVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to tow an RV?

Plenty of companies offer towing services and charges are varying in terms of chassis design, unique features, and miles coverage of every model of vehicles. Generally, companies charge from $50 to $125 as a local 5 miles to 10 miles tow. They also charge you a hook-up fee of just about $75.

Additionally, if you want long-distance towing, they charge an additional $2 to $4 per mile. The charges range of average 40 miles tow is from $125 to $250. However, the national average cost of towing is approximately $95 and the maximum towing cost is $300.

Can you put a tow bar on any car?

A tow bar is a perfect tool that has been used to pull your car. You can put a tow bar on the large as well as small vehicles. These include trucks, RV, cars, jeeps, boats, ford, SUVs and much more. Nevertheless, in some car models, fewer medications have required at the time of installation and others have not needed any kind of changes. On the other hand, you cannot tow under warranty vehicles.

How much is a Blue Ox tow bar?

Blue Ox presents a variety of tow bars that offering a larger towing capacity along with other specifications. It perfectly and conveniently fits in any car. The prices of Blue Ox tow bars are varying in terms of its construction and features.

These tow bars are accessible under the range of $217 to $1019. We recommend you to purchase BX-7420 Tow Bar by Blue Ox because it comes with a 10000 pounds tongue capacity and accessible in $919. The high-quality construction makes it durable and lightweight. For further details, please read the above product review.

Does U-haul have tow bars?

Yes! U-haul has manufactured heavy-duty tow bars, which are adjustable and lightweight option for towing your car. These also come with a mounting bracket that creates a secure connection between the vehicles and tow bars.

Can I use a tow dolly for long-distance?

No! You cannot use a tow dolly for traveling a long distance because it can create various problems like poor handling. However, the tow dolly is the best for covering short to medium distance or you can say that for your one-way tour or trip. It is also a great option for using it in the two wheels car towing.

How do you flat tow a truck?

Flat towing is a technique where all the four wheels of your towed vehicle are touching the ground. The benefit of flat towing is that it will even wear out all the tires. As there are different types of tow bars, each of them works differently for flat towing. The self-aligning tow bar with couch mounted receiver is the best option for flat towing because it is self-aligning. You can adjust the receiver from side-to-side. For A-frame tow bars you need accurate driving because the tow bar is not self-aligning. The couch mounted counterpart is much heavier and you can fold it back on your vehicle.

How much does it cost to tow a car 5 miles?

Costs for towing a car are depending on your car type and location. Therefore, across the board, towing a car is costing from $75 to $125 anywhere. According to a few kinds of research, prices are also based on distances. Hence, the cost to tow a car 5 miles is about $35 to $125.

Can I rent a truck to haul my fifth wheel?

Yes! Many companies provide facilities to their customers to rent a truck for hauling your fifth wheel. The tow bars have already configured in those trucks that provide a convenient way of towing to drag your fifth wheel.

Can a Motorhome be towed?

Yes! Home on the wheels is known as a Motorhome. Motorhomes are frequently used for towing as well as they can drag a much weight. It generally tows from 5000 pounds to 15000 pounds.

How much does it cost to tow a car 100 miles?

Generally, the cost to tow a car about 100 miles is approximately $275 to $600. However, some companies charge an additional fee according to your requirements. For example, if you are going to tow heavy-duty vehicles and a truck, they charge more than 20% to 25%.

How much can a Class C motorhome tow?

A number of Class C motorhomes have a great ability to drag more than 30000 pounds. Most of class C’s are less with a ford 450 or 350, generally around 5000 lbs. However, it can be less because it depends on class C types you have. Additionally, depends on which type of tow bar or hitch has configured on your vehicles.

Can tow bars be removed?

Yes! Tow bars come with many types and detachable tow bars are the most popular type. When you do not need it longer, you can separate and disconnect this type of two bars from your vehicles with ease.

How much do tow bars weigh?

Some manufacturer uses light-duty and other employs heavy-duty materials to construct the tow bars. Consequently, light-duty tow bars are weighing around 20kg while others can weigh more than 35 kg.

How do tow bars work?

Your tow bars pull cars right behind your motorhome or RV on all four wheels of the car. Instead of a car, you can also hook a trailer. It doesn’t require any towing equipment and is excellent for storage as well. Some vehicles come with tow bars attached to them while for some vehicles you have to attach the tow bars yourself.

What is a Blue Ox tow bar?

Blue Ox tow bar has manufactured with premium quality steel with metallic paint. It delivers a smoother towing even on the rough roads. It keeps the vehicle safe in tight and dangerous turns as well. The Blue Ox tow bar comes with a receiver 2-inch tube and the capacity of the tow bar is about 10000 lbs. It is equipped with a low profile ergonomic handle. Additionally, you are able to maneuver something like gas stations or petrol pumps with bigger ease.

How does the Blue Ox Patriot braking system work?

Blue Ox presented the Patriot braking system, which provides you more comfort whenever you braking the tow car and any vehicle. It is very convenient and easy to use and store. However, it proportionally concerns the brakes as you slowing down for a stop, instead of rapidly jolting the tow car causing bigger and costly damage. The best thing about the Blue Ox Patriot braking system is that it comes with a 1-year warranty. Furthermore, there is no need for any additional wire, mess and enhance power consumption. It works great with these elements.

What cars can be flat towed behind RV?

You have plenty of options for flat towing behind your RVs such as both gas and electric cars. However, here we recommend you the best vehicles that you can flat towed with RVs. These are consisting of 2018 Ford F‑150, 2006 Jeep Wrangler, 2006 Jeep Wrangler, 2018 Jeep Wrangler, 2018 Jeep Wrangler, 2010 Ford F-150, 2010 Ford F‑150, 2014 Ford F-150, 2014 Ford F‑150, 2007 Honda CR-V, 2007 Honda CR‑V, 011 Honda CR-V,  and 2011 Honda CR‑V.

Is it OK to tow an automatic car in neutral?

It is good to tow the traditional automatic car in neutral but along with lubrication. In addition, if you will not lubricate it, your automatic car can be damaged. After towing, you have to follow the speed limit 40 km/h and do not exceed the distance from 25 km. On the other hand, if you have a modern automatic car that has single and double electric clutches and computer-operated gearbox, it does not require lubrication and you can tow it easily.

Can you tow an automatic 4 wheel drive?

Mostly 4WD vehicles come with a manual transfer case, a manual transmission, and manual lockout hubs. Therefore, you can tow on all four wheels safely without any trouble. Furthermore, if your 4WD vehicle does not have a lockout hub and transfer manual case, you need to configure a drive shift coupling for towing purposes.

Does towing increase mileage?

The mileage is different according to different wheel drives. For rear-wheel-drive, YES it accumulates mileage because of moving both tires and axel. Moreover, if your car is front-wheel drive then towing will NOT increase mileage. Keep in mind that all-wheel drive does not add mileage. This is because your car towed on a flatbed.

Can you tow a car backwards on a car dolly?

If you left the steering wheel unlocked, you cannot tow a car from backward on a car dolly. For that reason, your car would fishtail and makes it difficult to handle. If the steering wheel has locked, it will break the linkage of steering at the first bump or sharp turn you hit.

What is the correct height for a tow ball?

According to vehicles, the height of the tow ball varies and two factors are involved in changing it. These are consisting of the vehicle’s height and the size of tires. Generally, the height of the tow ball is about 17-inch in RVs from the ground to the coupler bottom. Additionally, according to EC Directive 94/20/EC standard, the height of tow ball from the ground should be between 350mm and 420mm.

What is the difference between a hitch and a tow bar?

Tow has been designed to create a link between a vehicle to a horsebox, trailer, and others, which allows it to pull the large vehicles safely. The hitches are the devices that are attached to the vehicle’s chassis for towing. You can use tow for camping, cargo, utility trailers and anything else you want. Apart from that, you can also use the receiver hitch for bike racks, ATV ramps, cargo & boat carriers, ski racks, hitch steps, and hitch-mounted grills.

Do trailers have to level when towing?

Yes! Leveling your trailers is very important before towing because it enhances vehicle stability. The unlevel trailers create a dangerous and problematic situation for you on the road. In addition to that, the leveling also distributes the weight equally. If you need any kind of assessment regarding leveling, please take advice from experts without compromising your safety.

Are all towing bar balls the same size?

Tow bar balls are accessible in many sizes and varying in terms of load they hold. Additionally, according to ISO standards, the 50mm (millimeters) is the best tow bar ball size. Apart from this, 58.7mm is ideal for heavy-duty and 76.2mm is perfect for the heavy-duty gooseneck.

What is the standard size tow ball?

The standard tow ball size is 2-inch in diameter but can go higher than 2-1/4-inch for heavy-duty vehicles.

What is tongue weight?

Tongue weight is the downward force that the tongue of the trailer used on the hitch that is linked to the vehicles. If the tongue weight is too little, it will lift the vehicle from the backend that is a very dangerous situation called trailer sway. Apart from this, if the trailer tongue has too much weight, the vehicles become sag from the backend that creates negative effects. Hence, according to multiple experts, if you have planned to tow a 5000lbs trailer the measured tongue weight should be at 500lbs.

What is Class V towing?

Class V towing has designed for towing largest vehicles with accessories. It can carry more than 12000 lbs weight, and the GTW (gross trailer weight) is 17000lbs. There are plenty of factors involved in class V towing such as weight distributing carrying weigh, and distributing. It has a square 2-1/2-inch receiver opening. Keep in mind that class V towing only attaches to the vehicle’s frame.

What is the difference between a swan neck and flange tow bar?

Both the Swan Neck and Flange tow bars are accessible in both detachable and fixed styles. You can use the Swan Neck tow bars to attach trailers, caravans, bike racks, and cycle carriers to your vehicles. On the other hand, the Flange tow bar is ideal for cycle carriers in both ‘Ball mounted’ and ‘Tow and Carry’ styles. We can say that a Swan Neck tow bar is an aesthetically pleasing bar and a Flange is the more versatile for towing a caravan, trailers.

What is a flange tow bar?

The flange tow bar is the most popular and versatile tow bar that is the best and the cheapest option for towing. It comes with two styles like a fixed and a detachable flange tow bars. You can use it with those accessories, which are mounted on the tow ball. These include bumper protector, cycle carriers, and all stabilizers type.

How do you measure the drop on a trailer hitch?

Your trailer needs to be always on a level if you want comfortable towing. A properly leveled trailer will handle the road well and it will also evenly put pressure on all tires. As there are various types of tow vehicles and trailers it is a rare incident that any two will perfectly level or align. This is where ball mounts come in to play their role with their different sizes and there is the rise and drop as well for compensating the difference of height. Drop is the distance that is from the shank’s top to the ball platform’s top when you orient the ball mount for a lower height of coupler.

How does a tow ball work?

A tow ball is a device that has been attached to the rear of the vehicles for towing. The coupler is another device, which has attached to the vehicles and trailers itself. The main working of a tow ball is to combine both objects together. This is because you are able to tow with an as little swing during traveling. Additionally, this combination also delivers a strong and secure connection.

What is a tow ball?

A tow ball is mounted on the back of a vehicle. It allows articulation and swiveling of a tow pin, tow hook, and a trailer with a trailer loop. The large and agricultural vehicles also used the tow balls for towing. The tow ball is accessible in diverse sizes depending on the operations and load capacity.

Can bars tow your car?

Yes! You can configure tow bar on your own vehicles like cars or trailers without ample hassle. This mechanism provides security and makes it easy to tow vehicles. On the other hand, some modification has required at your car for attaching a tow bar. However, keep in mind that you cannot mount a tow bar to your cars under warranty.

What is the best way to tow a car behind an RV?

You can tow any kind of boat and vehicle behind an RV. When you select a towing method, never exceed the weight capacity of the selected towing method. When you stay under the weight range, it provides you safety during traveling. You are able to tow SUVs, pickup trucks, jeeps, and additional automobiles on & off the road.

There are three major ways for towing your car behind an RV such as a tow bar, tow dolly, and enclosed or flatbed trailers. All are varying in terms of weight capacity, features, and purposes.

A tow bar permits you to tow your car behind any RVs by keeping your car’s four wheels on the road. This is the most common and affordable way to tow your car. The safety cable and chain also delivers enhanced stability between the vehicle and the tow bar. However, you are not backing up your RVs without disconnecting your vehicle.

A tow dolly has used to tow your vehicle behind any RV. You can place the front two wheels on the dolly and others on the road. Numerous tow dollies appear with electric or surge brakes, and others offer lights. Therefore, you do not need any supplemental system that tells another driver about situations.

The flatbed trailer is a very easy way of tow and delivers the best support to your car. The best thing about this method is that it also offers a light and brake system for your vehicle. The biggest benefits of the flatbed trailer method are that you are able for towing more than the car, help your friend move, and store that item that is not fit anywhere or no longer uses.

Can towing cars damage the transmission?

If the drive wheels of your car are on the ground then Yes, towing a car along with an automatic transmission can damage multiple things. On the other hand, if the drive wheels of your car are in Park, it will skid and damage the car’s tires. Additionally, it breaks the linkages and damages the transmission.

Do you lock the steering wheel with a tow bar?

In flat towing, we recommend that you do not lock the steering wheel. If you do so, it will cause the wheels to drag sideways or scrub when turning. Furthermore, you have to use safety cable, base plate, supplemental braking, and lighting.

How long does it take to fit a tow bar?

Configuration of a tow bar is a complex job because every vehicle comes with different chassis design and unique features. Approximately, it takes 2 hours to hours to fit a tow bar to the vehicles. Nevertheless, the fitting time can be varying due to different models of vehicles.

Can I fit my own tow bar?

It depends on your technical ability and if you have ever done it successfully then YES you can fit it on your own. If not, it is recommended that you hire any professional technician. In addition, in some cases, there is no need to drill the holes but you have to remove the rear bumper and boot trim to give access with ease.

Can you tow a front-wheel-drive car with a tow bar?

No, you cannot tow the FWD car with a tow bar. For that reason, it is not secure for your car as well as it also damages the vehicles. However, if you have a 4WD, you can simply tow your car with a tow bar.


Unless you have the perfect RV tow bar, your vacation plans are going to be a flop. Installing the tow bar isn’t very hard. You just need to know which equipment goes where. Not many bolts or drilling is required in setting up the tow bar.

The Roadmaster 576 is one of the best RV tow bars. This is because of its high weight capacity and all-terrain feature. It has excellent shock absorbing abilities and can take on larger cars and jeeps. It can even be used to tow a camper.

Regardless of which one you buy, just be sure to buy one. Without an RV tow bar, you can’t enjoy your vacation properly. Make the smart decision and invest in an RV tow bar now.

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