Best Hunting Arrow reviews

Best Hunting Arrows 2022- All You Need To Know About Arrows

If you have been looking for the best hunting arrows for a long time now but couldn’t satisfy yourself, then you have come to the right place. This post will provide you all the information that you need to find the best one available for your hunting activities.

First of all, you need to understand what makes a hunting arrow perfect? Do those needle diameters really matter, or does everything revolve around the flashpoint velocity? We must tell you that the answer to this question is not straightforward, but we will try to elaborate it in simple words.

A good quality arrow for hunting unleashes the full power of your bow. Ultimately, you will get quick and clean kills. You should consider an arrow that is straight and has an adequate length. Such an arrow will stay on the target and will provide you with results that you have always wanted.

But things are not that simple, as we have already mentioned!

There are several things that you should consider before buying a good quality hunting arrow. And to simplify these things, OutdoorSavant is at your service as always.
As there are so many hunting arrows available on the market, going through this guide will enable you to make your decisions wisely.

So let’s begin with some basics about the hunting arrows that you need to know!

How Did We pick?

We have spent over 50 hours to collect the information that we have provided you in this post. Furthermore, we love bowhunting, and we have been doing this for many years. We have peers that are also into bowhunting, and it has allowed us to not only assess the best hunting arrows on the market but also discuss them in-depth with our bowhunting network. Apart from that, we have even gone through many customer reviews from a variety of online resources.

Everything about Hunting Arrows & Different Types

Based on materials, different manufacturers make hunting arrows differently. These arrows vary in terms of design and construction. But they all have these four integral parts,


An arrow’s front end is its point. This component of an arrow hits the target. There are different types of points, and each of them has a specific purpose of serving.

–          Bullet points

These points are good for target archery and hunting. They are not very destructive, and they have a bullet shape, hence the name! For this point, your arrow’s stem diameter needs to be the same/smaller than the point diameter, or it heavily influences the overall aerodynamics of the arrow.

–          Field points

These are the sharp bullet points and are suitable for target archery and hunting. These points are more geared towards saving the target, and they won’t penetrate enough as the bullet points.

–          Blunts points

Excellent for small game hunting, some of the blunt point designs also feature rubber points with a large diameter (larger than the shaft). On the rubber head, there can be small spikes that can do the damage, or there will be a blunt end.

–          Grabbing points

These points are similar to the blunt points, but these also feature a tiny grabbing hook. These points are good for practice hunting. The good thing about these points is that when you shoot them, they flip up by snagging the ground, and you can easily find your arrow after it has left the bow. In most cases, blunt points tend to get buried when they reach the target, but that won’t happen with these grabbing points.

–          Bowfishing points

Bowfishing points come with sharp tips. These points with inbuilt barb allow you to catch fish with the help of your bow, so they are suitable for Bowfishing.

–          Broadheads

Broadheads feature flat blades, and they are only useful in hunting. As these points are big in size, they can influence the flight of an arrow. These points will cause your arrow and its aerodynamics. These are the best broadheads for hunting because they can create large wounds because of their razor-sharp pointy ends and blades that can cut like a surgical tool.


The second part of a hunting arrow is its stem. It connects the point with the nock or fletching. And there are different types of the shaft from which you can choose.

–          Metal alloy with carbon coating

By far, the most expensive hunting arrows on the market come with such shafts that have metal alloy core with a coat of carbon fiber. This construction makes the arrow robust and also makes it lightweight. If you are an Olympian or a professional hunter, then this is the best shaft for you.

–          Solid carbon

There is no involvement of metal alloys here, and this shaft is carbon all the way through. Apart from carbon, it has many other fibers woven into it as well. As there is no involvement of metal, these shafts are the lightest available on the market. But you will have to give up the stiffness. This shaft doesn’t offer any durability because of a little flexibility. They are very dangerous when they break because they break into smaller spikes.

–          Aluminum

Aluminum shaft arrows differ in quality as well as price. In most cases, these arrows are hollow and are incredibly lightweight but not as lightweight as carbon; however, you can easily cut down these shafts to your required length. Aluminum shafts are best for beginners as they don’t cost much either.

–          Fiberglass

If you are on a budget, then these are the shafts that you need for your arrows. But they are only as good as toys or for any entry-level bows. This shaft is only suitable for you if you are not very serious about hunting.

–          Wood

These are disposable shafts that come at a low price. Traditionally, wood has been used for the construction of arrow shafts.  Long bowhunters still prefer to use wood because these arrows come with feathered fletching that improves an arrow’s flight. If you are a survivalist and own a low powered bow, then this is a good option for you.


Usually, an arrow comes with three vanes (feathered/plastic) at the hind end. This component assists an arrow in flight to gain more air. Some arrows also come with four fletchings as well. The fletching has less drag to deal with, and they travel to longer distances as compared to four fletchings. Four fletchings offer better speed and accuracy.

–          Feathered

Turkey or the tail is used for the construction of these fletchings. They are not durable due to water-logging and are best for indoor shooters.

–          Plastic

These fletchings are durable, and you have a good variety as well. They also have lesser wind drift as compared to the feathered ones. You don’t have to deal with water-logging too. For this reason, these fletchings are suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor use.


The 4th and final component of an arrow is its little groove right at an arrow’s hind end. With this nock, you are able to pick and place your arrow on your bowstring. You can glue some nocks on or in the arrow shaft. Some hunters even like to thread them. Just make sure that you pick a nock that goes with your arrow’s shaft.

Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting

Essential Facts about Carbon Arrows & Top 10 Reasons to Shoot Carbon Arrows

While there are many reasons for you to be using carbon arrows for hunting, we have listed only a few of these below.

1.      High speed

The carbon hunting arrows are much lighter than any other kind of arrows on the market. The lightweight adds to the higher kinetic energy of the arrows, which makes them faster as well. You can rest assured that all your shots will be timely and will reach the target quickly.

2.      Less wind drift

Here’s another benefit of having a carbon arrow. Since the arrows are light in weight, the wind is not able to do much drifting or lag on these arrows. The aerodynamic features on the arrows also contribute to the lesser wind drift experienced on these arrows.

3.      Bending

The carbon arrows are made from durable carbon material. It means that you can forget about them ever bending or breaking any time soon. While they do tend to bend some point, later on, this is not as early as seen with other arrows.

4.      Quality components

Carbon hunting arrows use high-quality components for their manufacturing. If you do use carbon arrows, you will find that the quality of components used in these arrows is unmatched by any other kind of arrows present on the market currently.

5.      Variety and price

With the carbon hunting arrows, you will never have to worry much about the type of arrows available. The carbon hunting arrows offer a lot of variety in design and price. When we compared the cost of carbon hunting arrows to other kinds of arrows such as aluminum, we found that the price of the carbon hunting arrows is significantly lesser than others.

6.      Quick Recovery

Unlike the aluminum or other kinds of arrows, the carbon hunting arrows are much quicker to retrieve and recover. This is because of the easy mechanism that it employs that allows users to take the arrows out of the targets and take it back with them.

7.      Wind-bucking

The aerodynamic qualities of a carbon hunting arrow make them much more reliable as they are able to fend off any sort of wind-bucking. These arrows do not tend to leave their path and go astray because of their aerodynamic features.

8.      High Penetration

The higher speed and kinetic energy make for a better and more powerful impact when compared to other arrows in the market. This makes the penetration power of the arrows much higher.

9.       Consistent straightness

Most manufacturers of the carbon hunting arrows use lasers to make sure that the arrows remain straight even when they are mid-flight. Since carbon material is much easier to manipulate, you can rest assured that the straightness will remain consistent throughout.

10.   Gain and lose velocity

These arrows are able to quickly lose and gain their velocity due to their lightweight and high kinetic energy. This quality of the arrows makes them well-suited for hunting and all other purposes.

What Are The Different Parts of The Hunting Arrows?

Hunting arrows usually have six basic parts and other additional parts that can be bought separately and used with these arrows. Some of these are:

1.      Nocks

The nocks are the cavity at the bottom end of the arrows. This cavity is used to receive the bowstring in order to get the proper aim. There are several kinds of nocks used on arrows.

·         Press-fit nocks:

These are the most commonly used. You take these nocks and slide them on the rear end of the shaft and fix it up.

·         Overnocks:

The overnocks are usually fitted on to the shaft of the arrows.

·         Pin nocks:

A pinnock is fit onto the shaft of the arrow by fastening it to the special pin on the end of some arrows.

·         Conventional nocks:

These nocks are used on the aluminum arrows mostly. These arrows have a pointed and sloping rear end. The nock is slid and tightened on the arrow’s pointed end.

2.      Fletching

Fletching is a thin fin-shaped device that is used for aerodynamic stabilization of the arrows. The fletching is usually made from light material such as feathers or any other kind of semi-flexible material.

These vanes or fletching are an important part of the arrows as they ensure accuracy and aim. You should be careful when picking out arrows to make sure that they have proper functional fletching.

These fletchings allow the arrows to soar through the air and hit the target accurately effectively. The better the fletching, the more accuracy you will have with your arrows.

3.       Shaft

Perhaps the most obvious part of the arrow is the shaft. The shaft is the elongated part of the arrow that makes up most of the arrow. When picking out an arrow, make sure of the following factors of the shaft:

4.      Weight:

You must make sure that the weight of the shaft is not a lot. You must make sure that the shaft is relatively lightweight and does not hinder your arrow’s aim or movement.

5.      Shaft thickness:

Generally, it is considered a bad omen if the shaft is thicker than it needs to be. However, with carbon arrows, we would say that the thicker the arrow, the stronger.

6.      Spine:

The spine of the shaft also needs to be made from composite materials so that the arrows do not break when faced with a heavy force.

7.      Diameter:

You should be careful when picking out the arrows to look out for the diameter of the arrows. The diameter should be significantly small but large enough to make it durable.

8.      Arrow Length:

The arrow length has a direct effect on the kind of experience you will have with the arrow. When picking out the best carbon hunting arrows for yourself, you should make sure that the length is between 30 and 35 inches. Anything less or anything greater would be a drag and would cause your arrow to either not has enough impact or enough speed.

9.      Shaft inserts:

Shaft inserts are optional devices that can be inserted to the arrows’ shafts. You can easily find several shaft-inserts online or at a local store where weapons are sold. These inserts can help you in several ways if you need them.

Depending on the need that you have, you can purchase different kinds of shaft-inserts and keep them for later use. These inserts can help you find your arrows by using an LED light or enhance their aerodynamic flying by adding more fletching and so on.

10.  Arrow tips:

The arrow tips are another essential part of the arrows. They determine the kind of shot you will have. The arrow tips must be sharp and made from durable and strong materials such as nickel-plated stainless-steel or aluminum.

The field point arrow tips are thinner and more aerodynamic, while the broadhead arrow tips are wider and have a higher probability of getting the target in time.

Carbon Arrow Reviews

Comparison Table

Product NameStraightness toleranceWeight toleranceSpine diameterArrow length 
Maxima RED by Carbon Express0.0001 inches0.05 gr0.295 inches31 inchesView on Amazon
Hunter PRO by Gold Tip0.0001 inches0.02 gr0.350 inches32 inchesView on Amazon
Maxima Arrows by Carbon Express0.0001 inches0.1 gr0.310 inches32 inchesView on Amazon
GPP Archery Hunting Arrows0.005 inches0.04 gr0.300 inches34 inchesView on Amazon
Mayhem Arrows by Carbon Express0.0004 inches0.05 gr0.295 inches32 inchesView on Amazon
Hunter XT by Carbon Express0.001 inches0.08 gr0.350 inches32 inchesView on Amazon
FullMetalJacket by Easton0.002 inches0.05 gr0.310 inches30 inchesView on Amazon
Maxima BLU RZ by Carbon Express0.0001 inches0.1 gr0.340 inches33 inchesView on Amazon
PileDriver by Carbon Express0.001 inches0.2 gr0.320 inches32 inchesView on Amazon
ICS Hunter by Beman0.0002 inches0.05 gr0.320 inches34 inchesView on Amazon

Maxima RED by Carbon ExpressProduct Reviews

Best Hunting Arrows

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The Maxima RED by Carbon Express makes it to the top of our list of best carbon hunting arrows due to the best kind of features that they provide. These arrows are the best in terms of versatility and durability. You will not find another product on the market that matches the kind of features and reliability that this product provides.

Spine control

These carbon arrows use a special patented hi-tech carbon construction. This construction allows for the Dynamic Spine to be managed better. In this way, the broadheads will soar better than ever before.

Precision nock

One of the most important aspects of arrows is that they should be able to have a controlled arrow release. The arrow release should be controlled and should allow for better shaft alignment. The Carbon Express arrows meet all these aspects due to the Launchpad Precision Nock featured on the arrows.

Remarkable straightness

The manufacturers of the Maxima RED arrows use a special kind of laser to check for straightness of arrows. The procedure for checking straightness is essential and makes for better shots.


  • 1/10000 inches straightness tolerance
  • Laser checked for straightness
  • Light in weight
  • Hi-tech carbon material
  • Dynamic Spine to make flying accurate
  • Highly controlled arrow release


  • Need high maintenance for them to last longer


The Maxima RED arrows are the most reliable and accurate arrows that you will find on the market. They do need some dedication to maintain, but they provide you with an overall great experience. You can check out the advanced features yourself by taking a test run.

2.      Hunter PRO by Gold Tip

Best Hunting Arrows

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The Hunter PRO arrow set by Cold Tip is the best in terms of durability. You will not find another set of arrows on the market that exhibit the kind of durability that these arrows do. The features on these arrows are top-notch, and they will provide the best experience for beginners as well as professional users. If you’re much more experienced, then they will work out better for you.


The best feature on the Hunter PRO hunting arrows is that they provide an unmatched straightness tolerance making it one of the best carbon hunting arrows on the market. These arrows are carefully inspected in the manufacturing process for any sort of deviation. The manufacturers perfected this arrow to have only a limited straightness tolerance of around 0.0001 inches.


The GTO nocks and special bushings allow for a better aim. The nocks included with this product make for some of the most reliable nock alignment strategies. How does this help you? You can easily make pinpoint aim and align your arrows better.


The Hunter PRO hunting arrows are the best when it comes to sheer durability. These arrows are made from carbon material that is dropped and force tested before it is sent out to the market. It is made 100% from carbon materials, which make it basically indestructible. You can use these for any kind of setting, depending on the kind of hunting that you have to do.


The vanes on these arrows are the 2-inch vanes that provide proper direction and aerodynamic design. With these vanes, you can rest assured that your arrows will go in a straight line and hit your aim successfully.


  • 0001 inches of straightness tolerance
  • Made from strong carbon material
  • Accurate aim
  • 2-inch vanes for accuracy
  • 5 gm of weight tolerance
  • Remarkable accuracy


  • Nock alignment is not too good


The Hunter PRO hunting arrows by Gold Tip are a great choice for beginners as well as experienced professionals. Should you invest in them? The short answer is that you should. If you want to figure out what makes them so great, maybe you should try one out.

3.      Maxima by Carbon Express

Best Hunting Arrow

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If you’re looking for arrows that have the greatest impact on targets, then you should look no further! The Maxima hunting arrows combine great traditional features of the arrows with the modern features to provide versatility and impact. They are the best if you will be hunting large animals with thicker skins.

Weight Forward Technology

The major feature on the Maxima hunting arrow is the Dual Spine Weight Forward technology. This is a patented technology that combines the strength and features of 2 different materials of carbon. In doing so, the manufacturers create two spines in a single arrow. This causes the arrow to have a greater impact and accuracy.


Due to Weight Forward Technology, these arrows are some of the fastest arrows we have seen in the market. Their lightweight and the patented technology make for 20 times faster arrows that are great for hunting fast animals like does and rabbits.


These arrows are checked by the manufacturer for straightness. The manufacturers use special kinds of lasers to check for any variability in the straightness of the arrows. This is why these arrows have remarkable straightness of around 0.0001 inches. So you can relax knowing that these arrows will not hinder your aim at all.


  • Arrows spin 20% sooner than others
  • Light in weight
  • Accurate delivery
  • 00001 inches of straightness tolerance
  • Strong spine.
  • Faster arrows
  • Great impact on larger targets.


  • Vanes are smaller


What’s the final word? Well, the final verdict is that these are the best for those of you who want to get the shot right in the first go. If you’re looking for arrows that have a great impact on the target, then why not give this product a whirl?

4.      GPP Hunting Arrows

Best Hunting Arrows

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Some people prefer speed and accuracy over impact when they’re looking for hunter arrows. The GPP hunting arrows are the best arrows for target shooting. These arrows provide you with a great sense of accuracy and speed. You will find that these arrows are built in a way that they hit the target quickly and surely.


The major feature of the GPP hunting arrow is the accuracy that it provides. The accuracy is achieved by using the proper nocks and lasers to improve straightness tolerance. The vanes are also made in a way that they aid aerodynamics of the arrows and allow for a straight shot.


The speed of these arrows is unmatched by any other product on our list of top picks. The vanes and the overall design of the arrows make them faster than any other product. When we tested these arrows out with the other arrows, we found that these arrows took less time to reach the target than their counterparts.


The GPP arrows use fully carbon materials for the spine, which allows for greater durability and strength of the arrows. You can rest assured that they won’t break easily, even after prolonged use.


  • Best speed offered
  • Light in weight
  • Rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless-steel tips
  • Adjustable and versatile.
  • Nocks not fixed using glue


  • They might break if you use them on large targets


The final word on these arrows is that they are the best in terms of speed and accuracy. You might not find other arrows that are as fast as these arrows. You can try them out and see how well they work for you.

5.      Mayhem by Carbon Express

Best Hunting Arrows

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The Mayhem Crossbolts from Carbon Express made to our list of top picks because of their great durability and strength. These arrows are great for people who want accuracy as well as strength in their arrows.

K-360 weave technology

These Carbon Express arrows use a back-shaft section, which is made using a patented process. This process properly integrates a carbon-weave into a layer of the bolt. In doing this, the manufacturer effectively enhances the strength and consistency of the arrow.

Straightness Tolerance

While we acknowledge that there are better arrows out there with better straightness tolerance, these arrows also have a good straightness tolerance. With a straightness tolerance of 0.0004 inches, they make for decent aim and accuracy.

Multi-layer construction

These arrows have an optimal diameter size that makes for better layering. This means that the carbon materials used are layered and provide much better thickness and durability when compared to others.


  • Maximum consistency guaranteed shot after shot
  • The integrated carbon weave adds strength
  • Optimal diameter size
  • Carbon materials layered
  • Moon nocks included
  • Limited warranty coverage


  • Field points must be bought separately.


These arrows should definitely work for you if you’re looking for strong and versatile arrows. While we don’t recommend them for accuracy and speed, you will still find them to be strong and durable.

6.      Hunter XT by Gold Tip 

Best Hunting Arrows

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The Hunter XT shooting arrows make it to our list of top picks because of their accuracy and the speed that they provide. This makes them one of the best carbon arrows available on the market today.


One of the major features on these arrows is the Raptor Vane that allows for better and improved accuracy. The raptor vanes are thin and sharp while also being aerodynamic. They effectively cut through the air and reach the target easily. You will find that the raptor vanes are definitely a key highlight on these arrows.


The material used to make these arrows is pure carbon. The material used for making these arrows makes them stiff and very durable. You will find that these arrows do not break even in harsh conditions or when hit with rocks or anything sharp.


The Hunter XT arrows are durable and are made in a way that provides greater impact when firing even from distances. These arrows use a stainless-steel nickel-plated tip that boasts some significant weight and is able to penetrate deep into the target.


  • Stiff spine
  • Better accuracy
  • High impact
  • Light in weight
  • Aerodynamic vanes improve accuracy.
  • Raptor vanes
  • Moon nocks included
  • Limited warranty included


  • They are overpriced.


All in all, we would highly recommend these carbon arrows to anyone who wishes to up their game. You will definitely find it to be a bit overpriced, but the features are somewhat unique, which you won’t find elsewhere, so we’d say it’s worth a shot.

7.      Easton FullMetalJacket

Best Hunting Arrows

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If you’re looking for versatile arrows that have a lot of add-ons available for use, then the Easton FullMetalJacket Arrows are the choice for you as they are one of the best Easton hunting arrows. They have a lot of options and inserts that you can choose from. You can buy those separately and plug them in according to your needs.


The biggest feature on these arrows is the versatility that the offer. You can easily find several inserts online and other plugins that will help you achieve accuracy or any other kind of feat you want. Other than this, you will also find that these arrows are suitable for any kind of crossbow.


When we tested this product out, we found that the straightness tolerance is not too much. But in the price range that it is offered, we wouldn’t expect it to have the best kind of straightness tolerance. The straightness tolerance is rated at around 0.002 inches. This is not a lot but enough to get by.


The red X nock, which is pre-inserted and comes with the package, makes for better aim and accuracy when you’re out there on the field shooting arrows for a kill or a hunt. The red X nocks allow for better aim because of their construction and structure as well.


  • Pre-installed red X nocks
  • Easy pull target
  • Strong, durable material is used
  • Sharp and impactful tips
  • High-strength carbon core


  • Straightness tolerance is not so good


If you’re quite particular on the straightness tolerance of the arrows, then you shouldn’t get this particular product. But, if you can overlook that, then this is definitely a good product in the smaller price range.

8.      Maxima BLU-RZ by Carbon Express

Best Hunting Arrows

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If you’re looking for a versatile and premium option for your crossbow, then you should look no further. The Maxima BLU-RZ arrows are the most versatile and premium products on our list of top picks.


These arrows combine the lightweight speed and the accuracy of the Maxima BLU-RZ Streak. You will find that these arrows pack in a lot of speed when they are shot correctly. When we tested these arrows out, we found that the speed and accuracy are only the best when they are shot correctly with the right technique and posture.


The BLU RZ is manufactured with the patented Diamond Weave carbon material that offers a high-tech carbon shaft. This makes the shaft stiffer and much more resilient than ever before. This isolates the arrow’s flex somewhere in the middle area of the shafts.


The lightweight of the arrows makes for a better experience altogether. Particularly in terms of impact, these arrows make use of their lighter weight to build up more kinetic energy. So, you can rest assured that your arrows will always have the kind of effect you want them to have.


  • Diamond weave carbon material used
  • Lightweight for maximum kinetic energy
  • Great accuracy offered
  • Straightness tolerance significantly high
  • High-tech carbon shaft in the middle.


  • There may be a few defective pieces in some stores


We would highly recommend this product if you have the money and the need for the features it promises. You can try these arrows for yourself and see how they work out for you in the long run.

9.      PileDriver by Carbon Express

Best Hunting Arrows

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If you plan on hunting large animals that take some strength to penetrate into, then the PileDriver Crossbolts are the pick for you. They offer great consistency and accuracy while also staying durable in the long run.


These arrows feature a heavy grain weight that allows for a great build-up of kinetic energy. This means that the impact and penetration power of these arrows is the best. You will find that these arrows can easily penetrate deeply into trees and large animals. We tested this product out and found that it can easily penetrate into several thick materials.


One of the major features of these arrows is the advanced construction that is used. The spine is perfected using multiple layers of carbon materials. This composite material is extremely durable because of the carbon materials that go into making it.


  • The straightness tolerance is up to 0.0004 inches
  • Uses composite materials for better durability
  • Heavy grain weight creates maximum kinetic energy
  • Durable impact
  • 4-inch vanes offer better aerodynamics


  • No field points included


You should definitely take this product for a spin if you want better accuracy and durability. You can use these for hunting large animals or for practicing your arrow shooting abilities on large and thick trees.

10.  ICS Hunter by Berman

Best Hunting Arrows

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The ICS Hunter arrows by Berman are some of the best in terms of aerodynamics and accuracy. They provide great aim due to their aerodynamic vanes that cut through the air and hit your target successfully.


Beman ICS Arrows provide accuracy above everything else. This means that you will always have a clear shot no matter where you aim. The vanes on the arrows provide the aerodynamic design that makes this accuracy possible.


With a high grain weight, these arrows pack a lot of kinetic energy in them. They make a significant impact when they get to their targets. The penetration power of these arrows is also top-notch when compared to other arrows in the same price range.


These arrows have a straightness tolerance of around 0.0002 inches. This is more than enough for anyone who wishes to shoot at a large or even smaller game. When we tested this product out, we found out that the straightness is great and packs great accuracy.


  • 0002 inches of straightness tolerance
  • Lots of kinetic energy
  • Aerodynamic vanes
  • Great penetration power
  • Silvertip
  • Great for shooting all kinds of targets


  • They’re not very durable.


These arrows are the best for anyone looking for versatile arrows. You can try them out yourself and figure out whether they work for you or not. They will definitely be the best if you’re on a budget and want a versatile option.

Carbon Arrows Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare my carbon arrows before fletching them?

Most of the carbon arrow manufacturers pass the shafts through a cleaning phase of their manufacturing process. Still, before use, you should do a quick cleaning. The reason behind that is when you do the final cut, it generates some dust.

When you are done with cutting your arrow’s shaft to length, you need to use a Q-tip (isopropyl alcohol 91%) for cleaning the arrow inside where you are going to install/insert the bushing. It will enable proper adhesion of the fletchings and all other parts.

How can I prepare my carbon shaft for fletching?

Make sure to wipe down the fletching area of your arrow’s shaft using a paper towel (white) with methyl ethyl ketone or isopropyl alcohol (91%). If you have a carbon arrow that comes with pre-installed permanent nock, then it is better to use only isopropyl alcohol and no other chemical or solvent.

You need to continue the wiping process until there is no carbon residue visible on any of the cleaner portion of your white towel. Keep in mind to use gloves while doing so to prevent the solvent from touching your skin and also choose a properly ventilated place for the cleaning process.

Make sure not to soak your carbon arrows in any of these solvents or chemical agents. Also, keep in mind that you cannot use any lacquer thinner, acetone, or methyl ethyl ketone if you have nock installed.

Ensure to keep these solvents away from the bushings or any of the identification marks on the shaft. Otherwise, petroleum solvents will accumulate in between the fletching and the shaft wall, and it can weaken the bond that adhesive forms.

Can I use hot melt glue for installing parts on my carbon arrows?

No, you cannot use hot melt glues on your carbon arrows under any circumstances. Quick bonding glues or super glues tend to become brittle with the passage of time and can cause the inserts to get loose or fall out. But hot melt glues can heavily influence the entire structure of your carbon arrow.

What do I need to do for the removal of my carbon arrow from a 3D target?

Based on the weather conditions and the 3D target itself, different arrows, in addition to carbon arrows, are difficult to remove. Carbon arrows can break into small pieces if you apply too much force on them; therefore, you can always use an arrow puller for this purpose.

You can also use a friction-reducing lubricant to remove the arrow from the target. In most cases, the lubricants with more silicone content work a lot better. If you are practicing in cold weather, then you need to choose lube and gripper for easy arrow removal.

What spine should I select for my carbon arrows?

If you are using a 330 spine carbon arrow, then go for draw weight more than 60 lbs. For 50 lbs to 55 lbs draw weight, you need to go for 400 spines carbon arrow — the best draw weight for a 500 spine carbon narrow ranges between 25 lbs to 45 lbs.

Best wooden hunting arrows

Traditional wooden arrows for hunting: An overview

Wooden arrows are the one which is in use for the longest period. If we look back into the lives of our ancestors, they had no other choice other than wooden arrows. With the passage of time and advancements, the people started using bronze, iron, and metal as the arrow tips.

Luckily, the wooden arrow shaft stayed the same for the longest time. Wood is the best material for the arrows. They are easy to carry and above all, affordable. You can now buy an arrow or just the shaft.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden arrows:

Before we jump to some of the best wooden arrows, let’s have a look at their advantages. Wooden arrows are relatively cheap. You don’t need to invest a lot of money on them. If you are a traditional archer, wooden arrows are the best fit for you.

They are durable and don’t break off quickly. Hunt as much as you can. They are easy to craft as compared to the carbon, aluminum, or fiberglass arrow. You just have to use your hands, and a bit of help from the tools is needed.

Moreover, they are straight, which gives them the highest possible accuracy. You can carry them easily due to their lightweight.

If we look at the other side, they have some disadvantages too. They lack consistency because one arrow will never be 100% the same as the other. It can make the hunter frustrated. Due to this, these couldn’t be used in the competitive archery.

They can’t be used with the compound bows as they can cause injury to the archer. The arrows explode when used in this way and can be deadly. Try not using it with the compound bows.

Wooden arrow and longbow weight:

The very first thing you need to consider before buying a longbow is the right bow weight. Most of the wooden arrows are made for the bows between 40 and 60 pounds. It is very difficult to find the arrows to draw weights below or above that.

If we look deeper into this, we will get to know that most of the longbows are sold at the 5-pound increment between 30 and 60 pounds. So, if you are planning to buy the longbow, then our suggestion is not to exaggerate it on the poundage.

Comparison Chart:

Huntingdoor Shooting Arrows

Bcslinek Target/Hunting Arrows

Huntingdoor Target Arrows

White Flame Target Arrows

Length 31 inch 29-33 inch 31 inch 30 inch
Diameter 8.5 mm 5/16 inch 5/16 inch 8.5 mm
Feathers length 5 inch 5 inch 5 inch 5 inch
Weight 45 gram 40-65 lbs 40-60 lbs 32-37 gram
Feathers Black Black and white mix Black and white mix White
Color Wood shaft, black feathers Wood shaft, black mixed feathers Wood shaft, black mixed feathers Wood shaft, White feathers
Suitable for Longbow, recurve bow and traditional bow Longbows and Recurve bows. Longbows, Recurve bows. Longbows, recurve bows


Top 4 Wooden Hunting Arrow Reviews:

1.      Huntingdoor Shooting Arrows:

When you are looking for a professional experience, you choose the best arrows for crossbows. We have added this in the list of the best hunting arrows due to its magnificent features. Its uniqueness is that it is made handmade and consists of pure wood. The turkey feathers give it a royal look. Let’s have a look at its features.

Pure handmade:

Huntingdoor is pure handmade natural wooden traditional arrows. This ensures its quality and durability. They can be used for the Recurve, Compound, and longbows. Their length is 31-inch, which gives ease to the archer and avoids injury.

Turkey feather shaft:

When we look at the outlook of the arrow, it gives a unique touch. The shaft consists of 5-inch real feathers. The feathers are of black color. It also helps the archer in shooting perfectly and provides accuracy.

Draw weight:

Its draw weight is 40-60 lbs, which is an ideal weight for the wooden arrow hunting. This draw weight provides it high speed, and your target is not missed.


The arrows are available in a pack of six. Now you can easily hunt without worrying about the arrows.


  • Available in black and white color
  • Durable
  • Good performance


  • Are not sold individually.


Overall we will rate these arrows 10 out of 10. This is perfect and easy to use. Above all, it is durable.

2.      Bcslinek Target/Hunting Arrows:

They have been manufacturing the arrows for many years. They supply all kinds of handmade arrows, archery accessories, and recurve bows. This Bcslinek archery is one of their masterpieces made from fine materials. Here is a detailed review of the product.


Broadhead is one of the key factors in making a perfect arrow. It has a nocked, fletched, and tetra metal broadhead. This helps in successful hunting. It has a 100-grain field point. Thus this makes it stand out in its performance and makes them the best broadheads for hunting.

Length and diameter:

It has a length of 29-33,” and the Shaft Diameter is 5/16”. With such length, it is convenient for the archer to shoot. Moreover, it saves the archer from any injury on the hand. The diameter helps in achieving the target without missing it. The accuracy is well maintained.


It has an improved wall thickness for added durability. You can now use the pack of arrows without any worries. The three turkey feather arrows are best for hitting the target. They won’t break off easily.


  • Perfect for target practice
  • Good performance
  • Fine material
  • Affordable
  • Well assembled


  • Heads are dull


Standing out to be one of the best hunting arrows of 2019, they make the hunting more enjoyable. You can easily practice your targets now with these arrows. Soon you will be able to take part in competitions.

3.      Huntingdoor Target Arrows:

When we are looking into the market for the best package of arrows, we have a variety of choices. But Huntingdoor competes with them all due to its offering of 12 feathered arrows. Below is the review of the product.

Target practice and performance:

They have a pre-cut, which makes it all ready to shoot. It is perfect for bow hunting and target practice. With good speed and being lightweight, it gives a good performance. It has a low hand shock with good speed.

12 Pcs turkey feathers:

As compared to the other packs of the other arrows, they are offering 12 in one. Now you can use them freely and get a good practice on targets.


Its arrowhead is nocked, fletched, and inserted. This design gives it the power to hit the target and penetrate it. The accuracy of the arrow is enhanced by this.

Length and diameter:

It has a length of 31” and Shaft Diameter of 5/16”. This makes it a perfect fit for 40-60lbs traditional archery recurve bows and longbows. It is convenient to use and handle with this length.


  • 12 pcs in one.
  • Pure wood material.
  • Traditional arrows.
  • Well assembled.


  • Can’t be used in compound bows.


Target arrows for recurve bows are in demand. The above-mentioned arrows can fulfill your needs and expectations. If you want to practice the targets then you can go for this one.

4.      White Flame Target Arrows:

There has been a lot of research done on the best wooden arrows. After the detailed study, we are coming up with the White flame wooden arrows. We have added this in our top list of arrows due to its performance and the unique look.


It is so magnificently designed it looks perfect in the hands of an archer. They consist of white feathers that are natural and offer a good arrow flight. They are offered in a quantity of 12 dozen.

Target practice:

They are basically designed for beginners. If you want to have a firm grip at hitting the targets you need to start from these arrows. They have a weight of 32-37 grams, which is fair enough to handle easily.

Draw weight and length:

They have a draw weight of 30-65 lbs. and a length of 30 inches. This makes it easy for the archer to use the arrows in the recurve bow or longbow. They can’t be used in the compound bow.


  • Made in China
  • Indonesia Ramin wood.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Consists of natural feathers.
  • Perfectly designed.


  • Can’t be used for a compound bow.
  • Not for professionals.


Overall we would rate it 10 out of 10 due to its performance and quality. It is worth spending money on. It can train beginners very well.

Wooden Arrows Frequently Asked Questions

What spine should I select for my carbon arrows?

The rule is much simpler here as compared to the carbon arrows. If you are looking for the right spine weight for your wooden arrow then make sure that you use the spine weight that is heavier than the bow.

For instance, if your bow has a draw weight of 40 to 45 lbs, then you should choose an arrow with the spine weight of 45 lbs to 50 lbs.

Bow Drawing Weight Wooden Arrow Spine Weight
20-25 lbs 30-35 lbs
25-30 lbs 30-35 lbs
30-35 lbs 35-40 lbs
35-40 lbs 40-45 lbs
40-45 lbs 45-50 lbs
45-50 lbs 50-55 lbs
50-55 lbs 55-60 lbs
55-60 lbs 60-65 lbs
60-65 lbs 65-70 lbs
65-70 lbs 70-75 lbs

Can I go for any type of glue to attach my arrow components?

No, you cannot use just any type of glue for this purpose. Nock and fletching glues are designed to attach nocks and feathers to wooden arrow shafts. Hot melt glue is best for attaching metal components to wood, and you can reheat it for removal of the component and attach a new one.

Can I paint my arrows?

Yes, you can paint your arrows, but we suggest that you should do proper research on all your finishing choices. We recommend a waterproof sealed finish, and all other finishes included the glues, thinners, lacquers, paints must be compatible with one another.

What can I do to get rid of the wobbly spin in my arrow shots?

You need to check your nock placement and its position on your bowstring when you are shooting arrows. If you nock your arrows too high/low on the string, your arrow will start to wobble.

Hunting Arrows Frequently Asked Questions

What weight arrows should I use?

According to the rule of thumb, there is a need to purchase a heavy arrow for close-range shooting. Additionally, if you want to shoot for long distances, you should choose the medium-weight arrows.

Keep in mind that if you choose the thinner arrows for traveling, you will face a lack of momentum. For this reason, the impact of arrows will pack an adequate punch. Therefore, you will need to purchase those arrows for hunting that weigh 400 grains, at least.

What is the best brand of arrows?

Carbon Express is the top-rated brand that manufactured high-quality arrows. This brand created a great variety of hunting arrows, and each is different in terms of length and weight.

The premium quality materials are used in its construction that enhances durability and reliability. Moreover, Carbon Express hunting arrows deliver brilliant penetration. This is because; these arrows come with good spine readings and draw weight.

What does Arrow Grain mean?

Arrow Grain is the measurement unit that is used to measure its weight. The arrows weight and other related projectile have measured in this unit. The short foam of Grain is ‘gr’ but never confuse it with gram ‘g’. Both the ‘gr’ and ‘g’ is an entirely different and separate measuring unit of weight.

The Grain is a measuring unit of the British system that is based on barley grain weight. Additionally, simple g (gram) is a metric unit.

What grain of arrow should I shoot?

You should keep in mind that the arrow rigidity and spine also increases when the draw weight of arrows increases. Therefore, it is recommended to use a hunting arrow that comes with a minimum of 5 grains draw weight per pound. It means that if you have 60 lbs bow for hunting then there is a need to use hunting arrow that might be less than 300 grains. Moreover, the 300 grains contain the field point and broadhead weight too.

How do you know what size arrows to use?

According to aerodynamic, the long arrows are much better for hunting as compared to shorter arrows. If safety is your main concern then you should go for longer arrow than the archer’s draw length.

Furthermore, hunting arrow must be more than one inch beyond the back of the risers. Therefore, you have to use those arrows that it comes with greater than 2-inch to 3-inch shaft length from its reach.

What happens if your arrows are spinning too lightly or heavily for your bow?

If the arrow is spinning too lightly or too heavily, in that case, the movement of an arrow will be tremendous. This situation is known as the paradox of an archer. Additionally, you will face the poor flight of the arrow as well as lack of accuracy at the result of this scenario.

If the hunting arrow is spinning too heavily, it is better for you to go astray on the stiffer side. As a result, ensures that the strength of the spine arrows closely matches the bow’s draw weight.

What are the best arrows for target shooting?

According to our experts, Maxima hunting arrow by Carbon Express and Hunter Pro by Gold Tip are the best arrows for target shooting. The experts recommend these both arrows because they come with a very thin diameter.

Additionally, these medium-weight arrows are able to provide a power-packed punch. You can also say that these are the best arrows when you want long-range shooting.

What spine arrow should I shoot?

Keep in mind that the arrow spine deeply relies on the bow’s draw weight. Therefore, the arrow spine and draw weight need to be balanced perfectly.

If the spine of your arrow increases, you should also maximize the draw weight of your bow. Let me remind you one more time that the draw weight spine required at least 5 grains per pound.

How much FOC do I need for hunting arrows?

The 10% to 15% FOC is the ideal recommendation for optimal accuracy and hunting setups. Additionally, you will also experience good hunting at long distances.

If you want to determine the FOC of a hunting arrow, you have to install multiple components on the shaft. These components include vanes, nock, broadhead, inserts, etc.

 Can arrows be too long?

Always remember that if you have longer arrow, then you will face weaker the spine. Hence, arrows can be too long sometimes, and they can reduce the percentage of FOC (Front of Center).

This matter can also cause fewer than optimal broadhead flight. Hence, you can use too long arrows for hunting that will also not hurt you.

How long should my arrows be for a 29-inch draw?

If you have a 28-inch draw length and looking for those arrows that end at the front of the riser, then recommending arrow length is around 27-inch. Nevertheless, you can also choose a longer arrow if you want to weaken the arrow spine.

Does a thumb release Change draw length?

The travel distance of the nock is known as draw length. You are not able to change a draw length with a D-Loop or a release. If both D loop and anchor point stay the same, but a distance from the D loop to the release jaw changes. In this scenario, there is a need to change the draw length.

Are 340 or 400 arrows heavier?

The general values of spine sizing are 340, 400, and 500. If you have combination arrows, then remember a smaller number indicates that the arrows come with a stiffer spine. For that reason, 340 values mean a heavier and a stiffer spine, whereas 500 values represent the most flexible and lightest spine.

How does point weight affect the arrow spine?

Purchasing the right spine arrow needs factoring in your arrow length, point weight, and draw weight. These three factors directly affect the spine of the arrows.

Bows that come with high draw weight require arrows with stiffer spines. Moreover, heavier arrows point require stiffer spine and then make your arrows point weight lighter.

What is IBO speed?

IBO is the speed of arrow under the IBO specification measured in ft/s, W is the extra weight on the bow’s string measured in grains, L is the draw length measured in inches, D is the draw weight measured in pounds, and A is the arrow weight measured in grains.

Is a thumb release more accurate?

No! The release is essentially more accurate as compared to another. You can say that it is all about the execution of the shot.

A shot that is perfectly executed with an index release will be more accurate as with a hinge or thumb. Additionally, many hunters get it more difficult for executing a good and consistently shots by an index finger release.

What is bare shaft tuning?

Bare shaft tuning is a popular method of arrows rest tuning by contrasting the impact points of standard field tipped, fletched arrows, and un-fletched arrows. The final goal of this tuning is to have these impacts of arrows at the same point.

Should Arrows level on rest?

Your arrow should be on the bowstring, keeps the arrow rest arms in the full-draw position. In general, keep your arrows at the same height as your arrow rest is mounting holes. There is a need to keep your arrow at a level place from the string loop or nock to the arrow rest.

How many arrows fit in a quiver?

A quiver can hold more than 03 arrows. However, the bigger quiver can also hole up to seven arrows that open up the shoot possibilities.

How fast is my arrow going?

The reasons for arrow’s fast traveling are fewer deviations from wind and the flatter flight trajectory. Therefore, you can say that arrow speed depends on the bow you have.

If you are using a recurve bow, its arrow can travel more than 225 fps (feet per second) or 150mph. additionally, arrows of the compound bow can travel more than 300 fps r 200 mph. however, the longbow arrows always travel slower because of arrows weight.

How many FPS do you lose per pound of draw weight?

At the 10 lbs draw weight, the expected draw weight is around 15 FPS to 20 FPS. If you are a beginner, you have to use 70 lbs draw weight arrows for hunting. Furthermore, 60 lbs draw weight arrow is also more suitable for beginners.

Do you need an arrow rest?

Many latest bows require having an arrow plate and arrow rest installed. The arrow rest has attached to the bow’s arrow shelf and serves as a smooth, soft surface for launching your arrow.

Do you glue arrow nocks?

No! There is no need to glue your arrow nocks.

How do arrows stay in the quiver?

The arrows keep on in the quiver because they simply stake in the ground. A special ring has used at the top for holding the arrows. Plenty of other more elaborate designs of quiver are accessible from the market. They keep the arrows in your reach without any trouble.

How many arrows should I shoot a day?

The arrows shooting are totally depending on your expertise level. If you are a professional hunter, you will use fewer arrows and if you are a beginner, you will shoot more arrows.

According to our experts, for a good archer, you have to shoot 4 to 5 times a week. Furthermore, you can shoot 80 to 100 arrows per day. There is no limit to use an arrow for shooting purposes because it also depends on your requirements.

What is the fastest arrow ever shot?

The fastest time of the shooting has recorded that it is about shooting 10 arrows from an 18m distance into a 40cm target is in 1 minute 0.5 sec.

How long does it take for Arrow inserts to dry?

You have to wait about 4 hours to 8 hours before arrows set to make sure the heads used for wobble. Furthermore, stand it on the nock end, and allow them to dry completely.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Maxima Red from Carbon Express is the best hunting arrows in every aspect. The company has used high-quality carbon in the construction of these arrows and for this reason, they are super lightweight. But they still pack quite a punch. Apart from that, they also feature precision nock and plastic vanes and they are dead straight. Maxima Red features the best arrow vanes for hunting. One of the most intriguing features of these arrows is that they come at a pretty decent price even though carbon arrows are usually expensive.

If you want to get your hands on the best hunting arrows then you need to match the draw weight of your bow with the spine of your arrow. The length and diameter of your arrow are also very important. Make sure that you always consider looking for midweight arrows. They not only provide you speed but momentum as well. The overall performance of your arrow is influenced by all these factors.

So which type of arrow do you prefer to use? Did we mention your favorite arrow set above? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. We would love to hear about your experiences!

Enjoy your hunting!

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