Best Weight distributor hitches reviews

Best Weight Distribution Hitches in 2022

Anything that makes trailer towing an easy job is a good thing to have! But the best weight distribution hitches do this pretty neatly. It’s a device that evenly spread a trailer’s load across all the axles of your towing vehicle as well as the trailer. It reduces sway and dive and towing becomes smoother.

But you should know that it doesn’t increase the towing capacity your vehicle has.

There are different hitches available that you can use but not all of them offer quality and performance. Of course, you need to be very careful when buying such a tool as you will be towing your trailer. We have sifted through several weight distribution hitches and picked the top 7 for you.

Let’s find out what each hitch has to offer.

Top 7 Comparison table

ProductWeightTongue Weight RatingTrailer Weight Rating 
Blue Ox SwayPro88 lbs1500 lbs15000 lbsView on Amazon
Fastway e289 lbs1000 lbs10000 lbsView on Amazon
Husky 32218116 lbs1200 lbs12000 lbsView on Amazon
Equal-i-zer Sway Hitch102 lbs1000 lbs10,000 lbsView on Amazon
EAZ LIFT Camco Hitch96 lbs1000 lbs10,000 lbsView on Amazon
AnderseMFG WHD 52.5 lbs1400 lbs14,000 lbsView on Amazon
Pro Series Reese102 lbs1000 lbs10,000 lbsView on Amazon

Top 7 Best Weight Distribution Hitches Reviews

1.      Blue Ox SWAYPRO

Best Weight Distribution Hitches

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The basic purpose of any weight distribution hitch is to ensure that the towing vehicle has a smooth ride without any swaying or sagging of the vehicle. BXW1500 has amazing sway control. Plus, it has the highest trailer weight rating compared to all others which makes it the best option for you. It will solve all your towing problems in a heartbeat.

It has a pre-adjusted hitch head so you won’t face any adjustment problems. Plus, it doesn’t reduce sway; it prevents it from taking place in the first place. Moreover, it is constructed from spring steel so you can enjoy a smooth ride. Another advantage is that it doesn’t create any noise so there won’t be any disturbance.

Pre-adjusted hitch head

Blue Ox’s hitch head is adjusted beforehand so that you don’t face any discomfort or problem tuning it. It comes to you ready to fit so that it can provide you with the solution to all your towing problems. Your ease is their priority.

Sway Prevention

It prevents the swaying of your vehicle and provides you with a firm hold on your vehicle which results in a smooth ride.

Spring steel construction

As it is constructed from spring steel it gives you an advantage of a smooth ride.


  • Loads up to 15000 pounds
  • Because of its trailer weight capacity, it can tow down large trucks and buses
  • Back up without disconnecting
  • No noise creation
  • Constructed from spring steel


  • It’s not good for sway control


It is the best weight distribution hitch for a toy hauler because it can load up to 15000 pounds. It has everything that a person needs but the only problem is that it is not good for sway control. Other than that, it is perfect.

2.      Fastway e2

Best Weight Distribution Hitch

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The Fastway e2 may not be able to load the weight as much as Blue Ox can but it is the safest weight distribution hitch. Fastway e2 knows that safety first is safely always. That is why they have built-in sway control which is not available in any of the others. They also have a 10k round bar that consists of a hitch ball and a 10-year warranty. That is why it is the best weight distribution hitch.

Built-in sway control

Previously there were a lot of problems due to add-ons when backing up or making a turn but now with Fastway e2 that won’t be a problem anymore. They have built-in sway control which removes the hassle of ad-ones. You can now enjoy firm control on the vehicle even while towing.

Round bar models

The e2 hitch acts as a bridge between the vehicle and the tow truck which helps them to work together as a single unit instead of two separate units by spreading the weight evenly to the axles of both vehicles.

10 years warranty

A warranty to 10 years assures you that you will be safe and that the hitch is of premium quality. So, you can be assured that it won’t stop working after a few months or a year.


  • Built-in sway control
  • No turning restrictions
  • Loads up to 10000 pounds
  • 10-year warranty


  • The necessary $70 socket is not included in the product


This is the best weight distribution hitch because it has built-in sway control and as a result, it is safe for you and your family. It has a 10-year warranty to go with it. Although it does not include the necessary $70 socket but other than that it is the best one out there and you should surely try it out.

3.      Husky Spring Bars

Best Weight Distribution Hitches

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The Husky Hitch is very unique and special because of its Center Line TS which is a new and compact design. As a result of this design, you are able to get a smooth ride because it ensures that all the parts work together as a single unit. Furthermore, you won’t face any noise problems. As it is made from hardened steel components it provides you with durability that lasts for a long time. If you are looking for something different and lasting this is the product for you.

Sway Control

It joins the distribution of weight and sways control as a single whole unit. Therefore, no additional hardware is required.

No problems with noise

It is a great advantage to have in your weight distribution hitch. Noise can be very irritating and disturbing. So, it’s a good thing that Husky 32218 does not create any noise. It is quieter than most.

Universal EZ brackets

Another reason why it is different from others is that it has EZ frame brackets that are adjustable so it is very easy to install them and adjust them according to your needs.

Hardened steel components

As the weight distribution hitch is made from steel components that are hardened, it results in increased endurance of the hitches and they last for a long time as a result of it.


  • Sway control
  • No additional hardware required
  • Universal EZ adjustable brackets
  • No noise problems
  • Pre-installed hitch ball
  • 10 years warranty


  • Extremely heavy


Husky 32218 is beneficial in a lot of ways with its durability, quietness, warranty and sway control but its heaviness brings it down as it becomes difficult to handle and use. But if you don’t mind more weight and are more interested in its features than definitely go for this product.

4.      Equal-i-zer Sway Hitch

Best Weight Distribution Hitch

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This model is the best weight distribution anti-sway hitch in the market. When choosing a distribution hitch, it is important to know what you are looking for. When your tow truck weighs less than your trailer it means the best weight distribution hitch available.

Maximum Control

A 4 Point Sway Control which can resist the sway of your trailer. This is the best feature of the Equal-i-zer. When your vehicle is moving this kind of distribution hitch will prevent lane-wandering which means the trailer will stay in-line with your vehicle when there is a strong wind or you are passing a larger vehicle.

Immaculate Distribution Design

The Equal-i-zer has been designed in such a way that it distributes the trailer tongue weight to all axles. This keeps the front of the tow vehicle unyielding and on the road. As a result of this, you have more brake and steering control.

Customizable to Fit All

This kind of equipment is designed so that it can work with not just bumper-pull trailers but you can use them with RVs, boats, trailers with surge brakes, etc. The shanks can fit any receiver height as it is available in different sizes.


  • The hitch is lightweight bare 2.3 lbs
  • Designed to fit all heights and vehicles
  • Customized equalizer shanks available
  • Excellent sway control and weight distribution


  • The ball is not included and has to be purchased separately


If you are looking for a weight-distribution hitch that gives maximum sway control and steering and brake control then this is the product for you. It will provide you and your family with a lot of safety and a smooth ride.

5.      EAZ LIFT Camco Weight Hitch

 Best Weight Distribution Hitches

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EAZ LIFT Camco is another very well-designed products in the market for weight distribution. This hitch has a monochrome look which is not bad to look at either and will look stylish attached to your vehicle. Let us have a look at what it has to offer.

A Smooth Ride

Metal bar action makes your ride smoother than ever. This is due to the interchangeable bars. Due to this feature, the installation of the hitch is also and no welding is required.

Simple Solid Design

The bolt-together mounts used in this distribution hitch are adjustable and so the ball heights can be matched. It also has a sway control factory integrated into the design. Sometimes the weld hitch may require some welding while the hitch is being installed to match the ball height.

All Parts Included

To make the installation process easier, all the required parts are available in the packaging. The weight distribution hitches come with chains, spring-bars, a shank, mount and hitch pin in addition to a clip and bolt to adjust hitches and chain as well,


  • Maximum tongue capacity of 1000 lbs
  • Comes with all required parts included
  • Most models are welding-free
  • Has a solid design for smooth towing
  • Stylish design in monochrome
  • Ball mount and shank included


  • Sway control bars are to be purchased separately
  • Ball not included


With longer round spring steel bars, this distribution hitch gives a very smooth and safe ride. This is because it is capable of distributing the tongue weight equally among the tow vehicle axles. This just makes the two-vehicle stay on the road and makes driving easier.

6.      Andersen Mfg Weight Distribution Hitch

Best Weight Distribution Hitches

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The Andersen No-Sway Hitch is the most compatible hitch you will find due to its unparalleled design features that will give you the maximum satisfaction in spending the money on the right product.


This feature sets the bar very high for the others to compete. The Motion-Dampening System provides you with the best ride of your life because you know your tow vehicle is safe and so is the trailer, RV or whatever else you are bringing along. This is the most advanced equipment you will find in the market today.

Easy Back-up

It also provides you with a self-adjusting feature that makes it easier for you to back-up when required. No other weight distribution hitch have this feature in the market.

Makes Your Life Easy

This hitch makes your life easier in many ways. The first and foremost is that it is lightweight. It weighs only 30 lbs and can be easily carried and installed. It also comes with 2-5/16″ ball doubles which means you do not have to buy one.

This saves you a very long market trip and those who are new at using one of these don’t need to struggle with any extra buying. It also provides you with a standard ball mount if you need towing without weight distribution.


  • Keeps your vehicles from bouncing
  • Gives a no-weight-distribution option
  • Is lightweight but supports heavyweights when towing
  • The self-adjusting feature makes it easy for you to back up


  • Needs bushing compression


This weight distribution hitch has been preferred by many people and has been easier to use, it offers many features that aren’t offered by many in the market hence making it the best choice there is.

7.      Pro Series W/Sway

Best Weight Distribution Hitches

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Looking for the best weight distributing hitches? The wait is over. We are introducing you to the Pro series 49903 Reese.

Sway control

Are you really concerned about the sway controls? Here is a treat for you. This weight distribution hitch has a friction sway control which won’t let the vehicle sway away. In addition to this, it has preinstalled and round sway regulator ball and 2-5/16″ ball. You don’t have to work on it separately. Isn’t that amazing?

U-bolts, Hitch bar, and chains

The hitch bar provided in the package is welded. It has a fabricated head. It is totally reliable and all you have to do is to mount it on the tow vehicle and perform the next step. This hitch bar will not disappoint you. It also contains the chains and U-bolts to distribute the weight equally.


This hitch is giving you a 10-year warranty. This is enough for a good hitch and especially when you are getting at such a reasonable price. Don’t wait. Invest once and the results will amaze you.


  • Fit any vehicle with a 2-inch hitch receiver.
  • Large trucks can be towed easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • A grease gun can be used for lubrication.
  • Affordable price.


  • Noisy when backing up and turning.


Being one of the best weight distribution hitches you can trust it blindly. It is worth spending money because of its quality and amazing features. Once you place the order it is shipped fast.

  • Dreamy hitch one step away from you.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing a Best Weight Distribution Hitch/Buyers Guide

1.      Accessories and Extras

The next step is pretty simple. Finally, you have your hand on one of the best weight distribution hitches. Now all you have to do is buy some related accessories for your ease. Don’t worry. We will guide you about this. The accessories include lubricant, sway control bracket and parts, adapter kit, chains, chain hanger, covers, and storage. There could be as many as you can afford and will bring ease. You just need to focus on the very basic accessories and your budget. Good luck!

2.      What is sway control?

In order to understand the sway control, you first need to know about the sway and its cause. The sway is moving back and forth. It may be caused by wind, poor trailer loading. To control this, a sway control device is used. Due to its immense importance, it is built into many systems. The trailer sway devices come into two types.

One that reduces sway once it has begun and the others that work to prevent sway fully. The sway control system depends on the friction and helps your trailer from shifting and swaying.

3.      Build-in vs. Add-on sway control

Sway controls are of two types: dependent and independent.

The dependent sway controls are the one that is the part of the hitch and also called built-in sway controls. They are used for the medium weight rating hitches. They belong to 2- or 4-point varieties. Independent, on the other hand, is added to an existing weight distribution hitch. They have friction pads to help reduce sway.

Often called as bar-style sway controls. Now you have to look at which weight rating hitch you are using. According to that choose the best suitable option for yourself.

4.      How Does Weight Distribution Work? How much does a weight-distribution hitch weigh?

Basically, the hitches are made to deal with the problems of hauling the trailer and avoid accidents. Let’s not stick to the question to do the weight distribution hitches work? It works by altering the point at which a load of trailer is transferred. It distributes the weight across axles of trailer and vehicle. The uneven distribution of weight is very dangerous especially when you are making a quick stop or turn.

Moreover, the maximum weight-distribution hitch weight is 9,200 lbs. There are many different weights available in the market.

5.      Weight distributions hitch ratings

When you are looking for a hitch you need to understand some basic knowledge. Let’s look at the weight distribution hitch ratings. They are two weight ratings you need to understand before buying the weight distribution system.

The gross trailer weight and tongue weight. Both the ratings should be above the weight of your trailer. Though the margin between both should not be very large. The gross trailer weight is the maximum load of your vehicle as determined by the manufacturer. The ratings could be found up to 15,000 LBS.

6.      Weight capacity ratings

You need to do a bit of research before going into the market and buying a weight-distribution hitch. First, you need to consider weight capacity ratings. In many cases, a 100-pound WDH can easily handle a trailer of 45, 00-10,000 pounds.

Before finalizing your purchase take into account that you have loaded something at the back of your towing vehicle. This will get you out from future trouble which may include the tongue weight of your hitch.

7.      Swing bars and quality

When you are up in the market looking for the best weight distribution you also need to consider the swing bars. Before this, you need to look for the correct tongue weight.

The tongue weight includes everything at the back of your towing vehicle. Then buy the swing bars according to the tongue weight for the best performance. They will not only reduce the swaying but will help you avoid accidents. Having a good quality sway bar helps to bring stability and reduce the motion.


All in all, the best weight distribution hitch is the SwayPro from Blue Ox. Its tongue weight rating is 1500lbs and the trailer weight rating is 15000lbs. This hitch truly performs and offers exceptional sway control. It has all the qualities that you need in a hitch for towing.

So which one of these hitches have you used for towing? Do you agree with our ratings? Have your say by leaving a comment below!

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